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JINB Seize-Resistant Ball Bearings
[ 2015 ]
Type no. Type no. Type no. Type no.
BB1B420204 BB1B420307 420207 548816A
BB1B420205 BB1B420308 420305 536064
BB1B420206 BB1B420012 420306 808325
BB1B420207 420204 420307 548429
BB1B420305 420205 420308 548817
BB1B420306 420206 420012 JINB

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Seize-Resistant Ball Bearings

The fight against contaminants

Heavy duty conveyors biggest enemy is abrasion caused by the ingress of contaminants on protective seals and rolling bearings.

Even the most sophisticated and expensive sealing configurations have consistently failed in hostile environments, such as mines and quarries, resulting in bearing seizure.

Seizure causes:
1. High replacement and maintenance costs
2. Damage to high cost belting
3. Lost production due to downtime
4. Fire risk owing to friction
5. Unnecessarily high energy consumption

The seize-resistant concept

reluctantly accepted the inevitable penetration of grit, dirt and other abrasive contaminants into the raceways and rolling elements and designed seize-resistant ball bearings.

Its special internal design enables larger size balls to simply roll over the contaminants, crushing, milling and ejecting them in the process.

So, even when operating at moderate speeds, the bearings will continue to function.

Design characteristics

The largest possible ball size is used, while still adhering to internationally established inner ring bore and outside diameters.

Bearing capacity is increased, and more importantly, actual life expectancy extended.

A flexible one-piece nylon cage with its prong extension wiper between each pocket allows the use of larger balls, which increases the load carrying capacity. The wiper prevents the build-up of contaminants around the ball set.

To ensure ball rotation, even under contaminated conditions, special attention has been given to raceway design. This reduces skidding, a contributory cause of severe raceway damage and premature failure.

To avoid ring distortion and maintain a good interference fit in the roller housing, the outer ring has a larger than normal section height.

Land width either side of the raceways is reduced so as to discourage build-up of the abrasive materials.

Corner chamfers have also been reduced on both inner and outer rings, allowing smaller abutment heights.

Design advantages

seize-resistant ball bearings have the ability to operate in hostile environments. Whilst the raceway design is a major factor, the bearings other features now make it possible to considerably improve conveyor-roller design.

Expensive, elaborate labyrinth or complex rubbing seals are no longer essential.

The narrow width of the seize resistant ball bearing reduces end cap draw

Reduced distance between the idler roller end support and bearing centre minimises spindle deflection.

Special bore tolerances permit easy mounting.

Small corner chamfers mean reduced abutment heights.

Friction torque in contaminated rollers is reduced.

seize-resistant concept allows the manufacturer to reduce the costs of component parts and assembly whilst improving service life.

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